New The Sims 3 Download – Pastel Yellow Box

This weeks house is built in the wonderful world of Starlight Shores. Called the Pastel Yellow Box, it’s an ultra modern home with lots of space, but on a small 25 x 25 lot.

Pastels are all the rage, right? Well I’d hope so, especially if you’re choosing to live in the Pastel Yellow Box. The Pastel Yellow Box brings a beautiful modern home, open living plan, spacious rooms, and lovely gardens!

Download Pastel Yellow Box | Watch On YouTube

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The Sims 4: Tea Brewing & Simlish Changes

In Issue 6 of The Sims Official Magazine released yesterday, there was an article (What A Feeling!) that was all about emotions in The Sims 4. There was also an article that covered Simlish and mentioned improvements and changes to the language our Sims will speak.


As Simlish continues to grow and expand with each new entry in the series, so does the size of the group of folks working behind-the-scenes to make it an increasingly fun aspect of each game. Starting with only three voice actors in the earlier games, The Sims voice team has now tripled to nine different actors. A bigger team makes it possible to have a much greater range of choice in how your Sim characters sound when they speak.

This ongoing expansion extends to The Sims 4, which will feature the broadest range of Simlish yet. “We’ve expanded the lexicon, created specific ‘slang’ for different Sim age groups, and placed more focus on object-specific terminology,” said Cameron. “We’ve focused harder than ever before on making each Sim sound unique, and it’s really paying off. The cohesion and attention to detail has really helped Simlish to feel even more like a real language.”
Via Do You Speak Simlish? – The Sims Official Magazine

Next up was a mention of tea brewing in the article What A Feeling that highlighted our Sims emotions and just how powerful they really are!

“The Sims 4 actually helps amplify some of those feelings back at me. In the past, my Sim would just get a Moodlet saying they were in mourning when another Sim they knew died. Now though, after such a traumatic experience I see them walking with their eyes cast down and their feet shuffling, and they may burst out crying during the middle of doing something as mundane as brewing a pot of tea, and I find myself connecting with them.”
Via Producer SimGuruGraham – What A Feeling! – The Sims Official Magazine

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The Sims Official Magazine – Issue 6 Now Available

There’s a new issue of The Sims Official Magazine hot off the presses! Issue 6 does not contain any new The Sims 4 information, but an article on the emotional intelligence of The Sims 4 does make an appearance. The new issue also features an interview with King, gardening tips, building tips, a column all about Simlish and loads more! You can read the new issue on your iPad, iPhone, Android, or PC.

Read Issue 6 Of The Sims Official Magazine


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The Sims 3 Store: The Now & Then Century Manor Set Preview

SimGuruCopeland has shared a preview of a new window for the May 2014 The Sims 3 Store set, and also the name. The Now & Then Century Manor is what the set will be called and will feature new and old versions of many items!

Update: Another new one!


Look at the windows, they used to look new and shiny, now they’re all boarded up. #Now&Then Via @SimGuruCopeland


Hint #6: The Now & Then Century Manor is the same home set in its prime and then 100 years later. New & old version of many items. Watch for @SimGuruCopeland’s Tweet #Now&Then on Twitter to keep track of all the new & old things!

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The Sims 3 Store: May Store Set Preview #6

SimGuruCopeland has shared another preview of the new May “Builders” Store Set coming to The Sims 3 Store soon. The preview shows off the new Mansard Roof Kit that will be included!


Hint #5: TGIF! We’re kicking off the weekend excitement by unveiling one of the best parts of the May release! Day or night the Mansard roof kit will make all of your Second Empire building dreams come true!
Via SimGuruCopeland

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The Sims 3: Get More Play More Offer – May 17th 2014

Looking to get more and play more? The Sims 3 is having a great sale offering up The Sims 3 Store content along with all 11 expansion packs released for The Sims 3. You’ll receive the store content set for FREE when you purchase the related expansion pack from Origin. Below are all 11 expansion packs + store content offers!

The offer is valid until May 17th, 2014. You will receive an email with a code to redeem the store content after purchase of the expansion. You must redeem the store content by October 17th, 2014.





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The Sims 3 Store: May Store Set Preview #5

SimGuruCopeland has shared another preview of the May Builders set coming to The Sims 3 Store. This time he shared two new styles of doors and windows, offering re-colorable stained glass and even screen to create a screened in porch!


Hint #4: Did somebody ask for Re-colorable Stained Glass Windows? How about watching the day go by sitting in a screened porch?
Via SimGuruCopeland


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