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New SimCity To Require Constant Connection

A new article posted by GameSpot highlights both fear and excitement with the upcoming SimCity. The article covers the new multiplayer aspect and side quests you can have. It was also confirmed by EA, after the article was published, that SimCity would require a constant internet connection to play.

That’s right, multiplayer is coming to SimCity. You will join up and form regions, which lets you share resources and influence each other for good or for ill. In the examples we saw, one player shared some excess energy he had generated with his neighbors, while another player, whose city generated a lot of crime, inadvertently raised the others’ crime rates. On a larger scale, all players in SimCity will influence the global market: a place where resources are bought and sold. Prices will shift based on supply and demand, and you can track who the big players are in each resource though leaderboards.

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UPDATE 28/03/12 After this preview was published, EA confirmed that SimCity would require a persistent internet connection to play, due to the pervasiveness of the online features.