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SimCity Through A Tilt Shift Lens Blog

A new blog post has appeared on talking about the new tilt shift perspective that SimCity uses and will make use of in the new game as well where the developers got their inspiration from.

I’m going to talk about the aesthetic choices that we’ve made for the new SimCity. I’ll describe the sources of inspiration, how we’ve gone about delivering on them, and the motivations behind them.

I’ve personally always thought of SimCity as a model city that you create and bring to life. It’s like an elaborate model train layout, but alive and dynamic. And I’m fascinated with the fastidious, miniaturized detail of model train cities.

One thing to note about model cities is how the buildings are stylized. If you look at real buildings, a lot of them are boring. Even the buildings that are interesting have lots of boring parts. For example, in an industrial area you see huge expanses of warehouse roof and big stretches of blank wall. Boring.

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