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SimCity Community Interview Part 1

SimCity has posted a new blog where the community interviewed and asked questions to Maxis about the game. The questions answered talk about the game textures, online play, customization, industries, and gameplay such as new things for Sims to do in SimCity.

MamaLuigiST: Many people also feel that the textures look like “plastic” and are too clean and imperfect. Will this change before the release?

Creative Director Ocean Quigley: The textures are still being finalized. A lot of what we’re you seeing is a work in progress. We’re working hard on the building materials, so that glass looks like glass and metal looks like metal – the final buildings will have their own distinctive look and shouldn’t all look like they’re made out of cardboard or plastic. We’d like to point out that the buildings have a UI job to do as well. Buildings need to tell you how they’re doing, and if we make them look too noisy, then their simulation states are harder to see.

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