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SimCity Community Interview Part 2

Part Two of the community interview has been published to the SimCity Blog. This new interview answers questions on terraforming, game textures, the space between cities, city construction, and how big maps can get.

Mkareha: Will there be terraforming in the sense of a “god mode” like there was in SimCity 4?

Creative Director Ocean Quigley: No, all of the terraforming in this SimCity is going to be at the civil engineering scale, and will be the natural consequences of laying out roads, developing zones, and plopping buildings.

neil5280: Are you comfortable calling this game SimCity when it’s diverging so far from the key play elements that long-time fans have come to expect?

OQ: Yeah, it’s definitely SimCity – you’re drawing out roads, zoning, providing utilities and city services, then growing and nurturing a city. The classic SimCity mechanics are there. We’re always looking to add new ideas and approaches to the game as well.

Mkareha: Are the game’s textures as shown in the trailers the final textures?

OQ: We’re still working on the graphics, but the level-of-detail on the buildings that you see in the E3 trailer is a pretty good indication of where we are going. We’re constructing the buildings in particular with lots of architectural detailing, so that there is detail for you to see when you’re zoomed all of the way to street level.

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