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SimCity Insider – The International Airport

A new SimCity Insider blog post has been posted on by Daniel Kline, a System Designer for SimCity. In the blog post he discusses how the new international airport will work in SimCity!

When International Airports were first built, they reshaped the globe. For the first time, you could visit someone halfway around the world in a single day. Today, building an International Airport is like a rite of passage for up-and-coming metropolises, and it’s a common feature outside major cities. International Airports disembark curious travelers, deliver packages, and let families visit loved ones from across the world. In SimCity, the International Airport provides nearby cities with two significant benefits. First, passenger jets bring in hordes of tourists, which will head to your city if you have enough attractions (things like landmarks and parks). And second, cargo jets will haul away your industrial freight. Shipping freight keeps industry happy, and an International Airport’s cargo jets will support a heavily industrial city without requiring an investment in commercial. The International Airport deliberately supports very different kinds of cities. Great Works are shared, and we want players to be excited to work together to complete one.

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