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The Sims 3 Island Paradise Resort Tower Sizes

The other day SimGuruGraham shared the houseboat hull sizes for Island Paradise, and yesterday, SimGuruMike shared the sizes for the Resort Towers. The Resort Towers are rabbithole buildings that you can (must) use when running and building your own resort. They provide Sims a place to fulfill their needs if you do not provide VIP (custom built) rooms. The Resort Towers are also where your resort employees come out of to complete their tasks.

Here are the footprint sizes for the resort towers.

Small Beach Tower = 4×8
Beach Tower =  13×8
Spanish Style = 9×29
Modern Style = 16×22

Your employees will be coming out of these towers so you just have to make sure the entrances/exits are not blocked.

In case you were interested I was able to completely enclose the small beach tower into a 4×11 square build/buy room that still allowed for proper routing.

Each tower style will have 3-preset colors. Unfortunately you will not be able to use create-a-style on them.

I hope this helps you out.