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The Sims 3 Into The Future: 100 New Screenshots

During Sims Camp we had been given some time to play The Sims 3 Into The Future. The Sims 3 Into The Future will be bringing the future to your Sims, and we had a lot of fun getting to test out and play the expansion. We didn’t play too much (to avoid spoiling the awesome expansion for ourselves) but did grab lots of screenshots of some of the new items, which are all shared below. Both and myself worked together on taking these screenshots.

13 thoughts on “The Sims 3 Into The Future: 100 New Screenshots”

  1. About creating Plumbots, Do you have to have the same two arms or the same two legs or is it possible to have one Fat clunky right arm and one spindly little left arm and similar for the legs, Can you mix and Match… And where did Cyborg parts get to…. Hello…..

  2. That’s a very good question! Most Plumbots I’ve seen are the same arms and legs for the bot. I’ll definitely note this question down and maybe it could be answered during the next live broadcast which is coming up very soon. :)

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