News - TS3 Game Update

The Sims 3 Game Update 1.57 9/4/2013

Maxis have released a game update for The Sims 3 today, bringing the version to 1.57 that adds compatibility for The Sims 3 Movie Stuff pack releasing next week, and also providing some updates and fixes. You can download the update automatically by launching The Sims 3 Game Launcher and checking for updates, or manually by visiting our The Sims 3 Game Updates page. Both PC and Mac 1.57 update are available for manual updating if needed.

Game Update 1.57  includes the following changes:

Base Game Updates

  • The Brambles shrub can now be placed.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur where Sims would get “stuck” moving to a new world.
  • Child Sims will no longer “Play in Sand” indoors where there is no sand.
  • Textures on the undersides of roofs have been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented multiple rabbit holes across various worlds from being routable.

World Adventures Updates

  • World Adventures tents can now be placed back into inventory.

Ambitions Updates

  • The Gnubb Set now works properly.
  • Ghost Hunting and Fire Fighting jobs will no longer occur on resort lots if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.

Late Night Updates

  • Drinks ordered from the pool bar will no longer be only bad or foul quality if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.

Generations Updates

  • Elder canes now work properly.
  • Sims will no longer route through walls to climb to the top bunk of a bunk bed.

Seasons  Updates

  • Snow angels now work properly.
  • Alien abductions have been disabled on houseboats if the player has The Sims 3 Island Paradise installed.

University Life Updates

  • Sims can take photos with friends again.

Island Paradise Updates

  • Mermaid Children can now take showers.
  • Sims will now take boats, if they are the best option, when directed to snorkel elsewhere while swimming in the ocean.
  • Sometimes the ocean would reset when Sims woohooed in the underwater cave, because it was just THAT good! This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the underwater cave where the tentacles waved forever, preventing Sims from entering the cave.
  • Sims will no longer pop out of the underwater cave when canceling woohoo.
  • Sims no longer route fail when directed to fish while in the basement of a houseboat.
  • Shells found while snorkeling now count towards wish fulfillment.
  • The text description of the “Narrow Barge Style Houseboat” now reflects its proper size: 20×6
  • Fixed two occurrences where a houseboat could be created on top of another houseboat thus causing both houseboats to be stuck for eternity…which is a very long time.
  • Sims can now route properly up consecutively stacked staircases on houseboats.
  • Self-employed Sims can now check into resorts without the game freezing.
  • Sims can now relax on floor tiles.
  • Outdoor grills and easels now work on Private Lots.

Create-A-World tool Updates

  • Fixed a bug where deleting a houseboat lot via Edit in Game could cause an infinite load.