The Sims 3: Cheat Codes

To enter in a cheat code you must first bring up the cheat console window. Press Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard at the same time to bring up the cheat console window. Type in your cheat and if your cheat was done correctly, the cheat console window will close and you will see the result. You can also use the Esc key on keyboard to close out of the cheat console window at any time.

6/25/2013 – Updated to include new cheat code from Island Paradise, discoverAllUnchartedIslands.

Cheat Codes

help Lists all the cheats currently available.

help [cheatname] Displays specific information about the cheat.

quit Exits the game.

[up arrow] Recalls the most recent cheat typed into this window for this instance of the game.

resetSim [full Sim name] In the rare case that a Sim gets “stuck” in an interaction or somewhere around town or gets something stuck to it, use this cheat.  It may take a while for the Sim to appear because it is being entirely rebuilt. Usage example: resetSim Mortimer Goth

resetSim * Using this cheat will reset all Sims within an entire world back to their home lot. This will also raise all need bars for all Sims and Pets if you have The Sims 3 Pets installed.

placefriezes [on|off] Allows you to use the fountain tool, when the cheat is activated, to place foundations on top of walls.

fps [on|off] Turns the frame rate display in the upper right corner on or off.

motherlode Adds $50,000 to your Sims household funds.

moveObjects [on|off] Removes footprint limitation for all object placement in Buy Mode and Build Mode. Removes limitations placed on hand tool for when objects are in use or for objects that normally are not movable. Is known to cause issues with game elements, routing, hidden object generation and manipulation, etc. Note that using this cheat allows you to move and delete objects that normally cannot be manipulated such as Sims. If you delete these objects, there is no way to get them back, so be careful!

constrainFloorElevation [true|false] Allows all terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures on them. Walls, floors, and objects will move with the terrain, allowing you to create sloped walls and floored hills. However, placing new walls/floors will still flatten terrain, and placing objects will still require the terrain to be flat initially if the objects normally require it.

disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on|off] When on, objects will not snap to slots while holding ALT. Useful for placing objects such as chairs near tables without them snapping or placing counters near other counters, etc.

hideHeadlineEffects [on|off] Hides all Sim overhead effects such as thought balloons and speech balloons.

fadeObjects [on|off] Toggles whether objects fade when the camera gets close to them. Does not apply to Sims.

slowMotionViz [level] Puts the visuals of the game in slow motion. Entering a “level” value is optional. Valid values range from 0 = normal speed to 8 = slowest.

unlockOutfits [on|off] Includes career outfits and service Sim outfits as options in Create a Sim. The cheat must be entered before going into CAS.

RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [true|false] Allows editing of any lot with a public room marker on it.

Front of Lot Marker Only available in Build/Buy mode. To override the current front of the lot and set a particular side as the front of the lot, CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK on the ground near the side of the lot you want to be the front and select “Set Front of Lot.”

moviemakerCheats enabled [true|false] Toggles Movie Maker Mode, which enables new cheats for players that aid in movie making.  To access Movie Maker Mode, [testingcheatsenabled true] must be set. It allows NPCS to be selectable by using SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK on the Sim. Additionally, the following cheat interactions are enabled when you SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on a Sim:

  • Animation: Plays a specific animation on a Sim
  • Disable All Lookouts: Toggles all Look Ats for all Sims.
  • Edit in CAS: Brings the clicked Sim into Create a Sim, where they can be fully edited.
  • Sim Shutdown: Prevents all Sims for doing anything other than player initiated interactions.
  • Set Looping On/One-Off: Sets animations to be looped or to one-off.

discoverAllUnchartedIslands Unlocks all Uncharted Islands, which then become Private Lots owned by the selected Sim family.

Hints & Tips

  • Holding down the ALT key while building a foundation, deck, or stilted foundation will create a foundation with a height of one step (normal foundations start at a height of four steps).
  • Holding down the ALT key while building stairs on a foundation, deck, or stilted foundations will place two or three step stairways depending on the level of the terrain.
  • Public Room Markers: For Residential Lots with Buildable Shells. Only available in BuyDebug catalog and only visible in Build/Buy mode or if RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings or BuyDebug cheats are on. A Public Room Marker must be placed in all rooms that are supposed to be public except for the “outside room.”
  • Hidden Room Markers: Only available in BuyDebug catalog and only visible in Build/Buy mode. Any room that these markers are placed in will be fogged unless RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings or BuyDebug cheats are on. Any room that contains one of these has the same Build/Buy restrictions as public rooms. Doors leading into rooms with these markers do not have the Go Through interaction.
  • Level Skip Marker: Only available in BuyDebug catalog and only visible in Build/Buy mode. Any floor level that this marker exists on is skipped with floor up / floor down actions, unless the RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings cheat or BuyDebug cheat is active.)